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Cara Louise Jones

Plastiq Yn Y Mor

05/05/23 – July 2023

Cara is a female, neurodivergent artist from Wales. She explores the interconnections with the natural world and the evolution of human and other-than-human species, their impacts, and causation as a whole. Considering the Earth's holistic ecologies, Cara uses interdisciplinary practices to bring conceptual form, installation, and audio/visual arts into the humanised experience and anthropomorphise materiality and the non-material.

Inspired by the water's own abilities to shape the material, Cara co-created the forms with the Welsh seas through her practice of swimming and moving over land entering states of flow. Feeling adrift, motionless suspension held by matter, her plastic forms are anthropomorphic particles, digested, chewed, churned, broken, and rebuilt, embodying the relationship of microcosm and macrocosm. Opening a dialogue to human and universal creations as a dualism, difference, and the same these travelling plastic forms evolved through food and economy. Their sea blue ropes, entangled plastics, and discarded, broken remains became home to filter feeders, a nursery for aquatic animals, a colossal reminder of what has entered our food chain.

Cara’s artworks are host to beach-combed items, shark egg cases, sea litter, and fishing line from her litter-picking walks around the North Wales coastline in early spring tides of 2022. Exploring the leading Welsh economy of recycling as form, Cara uses the method of collecting to contribute towards a healthier environment and supporting her well-being as part of the process.

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